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Words…  sometimes they are never enough. Sometimes they are too much. Sometimes that is all we have. And then, every once In a while we hurt someone with them. Then again they can bring life and hope.

Lately I have been in awe of the world of words around me. But one word is one I have learned to hate! And that word is cancer

I have put this off but I know I need to write about it. This is so close to my heart and is so painful to express. But I need to. We all need to.
Joey and Rory have been loving friends to us. We have passed the guitar around the farm table more than a few times. Hugged, laughed and encouraged each other in this wonderful life we lead in song.
I can barley read the updates and texts that Rory has posted. Waking up so many times in the middle of the night in prayer for Joey. It breaks my heart. It is close to my heart.
Too close…
 My own Daddy is also battling cancer and we have just found out that he now has cancer in his left hip. In the bone!
We thought he had won the battle, only to see it once again appear somewhere else.
When I look at Joey, I see my Daddy.
With my Dad’s battle with cancer  the words of encouragement that have been spoken mean everything. I know sometimes it’s all we can give.
We do not have a choice of how this life will end or when it will happen. But we do have a choice to love and wrap ourselves around the ones that we know the time is near. Hoping that one day our loved ones will do the same for us.
Dear Joey and Rory  you are loved by so many.  We love you! There is healing in prayer! So many times it is the kind of healing this world does not understand. But the healing of peace and love.
We pray that the miracle of love is wrapped around you both.
May the good Lord hold you so tight your pain will turn to joy!

A message from Donna Herrick

Dear friends,
   I am finally feeling well enough to send this out to all of you.

I want to thank you all that have sent flowers, cards, notes of encouragement as I climb my way back to health.  I feel so blessed! I am so thankful for every single one of you.

So much has happened in the last three weeks that I don’t know where to start…But what I do know is that I have been blessed with another chance at life. I have never been so close to so much pain that I could only whisper the words, “Help me”.

I won’t go into all the details, but I was living with a fractured Appendix for three days.

We had just filmed our album release show in Bakersfield, California. I stopped in Marysville, CA to visit family and Kerry went on to Spokane, Washington. The band went on back to Nashville. Thank God I was with family when it all went down. And not on a stage somewhere out on the road. I am thankful for that.  But still not being at home was a very terrifying situation. Jessie Lee Goss you were (are) amazing.

I was rushed to the Rideout Memorial Hospital by ambulance where Dr. Michael Fahey performed surgery.  I was told after that I was lucky to still be here.  It was close. My fault for having such a high pain tolerance.

Let me just say I was so scared, but Dr. Fahey took the best care of me. I will forever be grateful for the care he took in explaining everything and staying by my side through the whole ordeal.  And the recovery nurses where the best.  I believe I was taken care of by the best nurse in the world, Denise Elkins Sheridan. I want to send you my love! I have never in my life seen such care and compassion at the same time.  Xox.

Our album has been put behind with all of this. But I am lucky just to be here. I am thankful and happy to say that I am feeling better every day. I will be able to fly home in the next few weeks.

Again, thank you all you dear ones in my life that sent prayers up for me. Please continue… We (I) still need your prayers!
You are all a blessing. And again, thank you to all of you that took time out of your day to send me your love.
With much Love back to you,

Just finished Mixing another song….

We have been hard at work mixing like madmen. Getting this album done before the end of the year for sure. We just can not wait for you all to hear it!

Pre-Orders on itunes coming soon. But for now you can still pre-order a physical autographed by the band copy Here >

For a sneak peek… Watch this


a year ago…

I woke up today thinking about where we were and what we were doing a year ago today. So I opened up the calendar on my laptop and saw where right about this time last year we were about to board a flight to Seattle. We were working hard planning a tour in California. We were getting ready for the WFA conference in Reno, NV. We were promised double the dates than the year before from our booking agent that we no longer work with (I won’t go there). Needless to say, our July this year looks a little different than last…Now  here I sit in Spokane Washington, in my Mom and Dad’s house, in my little bedroom.  My Dad sick with cancer in the next room and me listening to the last mixes for our new album on my iphone. I have it set to shuffle.  The next song comes on in my playlist. It’s “In the arms of the angle” by Sarah McLachlan. Remember the live performance with Emmylou Harris?

With tears running down my eyes (this song does it every time!), I realize how much I miss the road. I miss Nashville. Miss Music. Miss my band. We have been here a year!  It’s been a hard year of trying to keep our music business running.  Trying to find time between my Dad’s cancer appointments, tube feedings and Insurance phone calls, etc… This has been harder than I can describe.

My Dad is getting better. We are (hopefully) through all the chemo’s and radiation. We have one more Ped scan to find out if the cancer is gone for sure. We are still waiting for the VA to get all this approved. By the way, the VA has been horrible to work with. I won’t get into details. But our vets deserve better care and a choice to go where they want treatment!

For a musician this has been a hard row to hoe. This is not in my DNA. I miss the road, I miss performing, I miss recording, I miss writing, I miss my fans… But one thing is for sure, through all of this, I will not miss out on being here for my Dad. Family first! This experience has almost broken me. Although those of you that know Kerry and I also know that “being broken” is not in our DNA.

We are looking fast ahead and looking forward to touring the new album in 2016! I cannot wait until you all get to hear the album. And we get to perform the songs for you! Please keep the band and my Daddy in your prayers. As this has been one of the hardest years I have ever had.

Musically Yours, Donna XOX