Studio today

It’s raining today in Nashville as we make our way to the studio this afternoon. Hope the thunder does not get too bad or it may dampin our progress.
We will be mixing acoustic versions of the new songs. We have some opportunities to pitch to a few major Label Artists. This will be a first for us. Not that we don’t want anyone else performing our material, but that we are usually on the road and are not around Nashville this time of year. So we r taking advantage of this time we have as we are recording to take a few meetings.
Musically yours,


It’s Monday already. Mondays are so, well, Mondayish.

Had a conference call with an agent and now I am going over the rest of the week in my mind. I can’t wait for the studio again this Wednesday.

So weird how fast this album is making itself. Compared to the last album that took 4 years. I really need to take the time to tell the story of all the crap we have been through. You would not believe it. The ups and downs have been so exhausting and even lately. It is really hard to navigate a career through all the bull, and make the right choices the best you know how. And most of you do not know this. But we have had all this success on our own.  Just dear ole us.  We are meeting with some possible managers in April. I am hoping we find the right person for the job. There has got to be a match out there. We keep looking and working, they will come.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

But the new album is moving along sweetly. We have truly found all the ingredients that make Herrick.  It is such a blast and easy to be playing  music with my best friends. Kerry, Jefferson and Bradshaw  have  moved up the bar. As crazy as it sounds, most ” bands” you hear on the radio do not play on their own records. But the only way to keep our sound, is to play on the album. Tried it that other way. DON’T WORK! For us, anyhow.   This album is sure to be one you will love. Cannot wait to share it with you all.

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Musically Yours,


PS-Check out the new Lyric Video we made just for you!